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within four walls seeks bassist

Ok, so we have been in a sort of musical hybernation for the past months, some would say until last May when we played our last show. (well the last show we played, not our we're done playing show) Anyway, Nick will soon be married to the lovely Angie and Steve hopefully has re-aquired gear after a recent home theft. I am busy recording a lot of bands for great prices.

We will getting back together on a regular basis in March to rehearse, write, possibly record, and play shows. However, we still never found a bass player. We have had some inquiries but due somewhat to our lack of being a band for the past several months and somewhat due to our building a list of interested parties to get the right person for the job, we are still bassless.

So, any interested parties are welcome to put their names into the hat and we will begin to look at them sooner than later.

We only ask a few things. Have your own gear, be out of high school, transportation, be a christian (a real one not just one who observes holidays and goes to church then, or who agrees with Jesus' teachings but ties them to other religions), and enjoy the type of music we are writing.

All inquiries can be emailed to me@

We practice in Flint right now, but that may move to Redford or Northville, either way when Steve and Nick come to Flint they car pool, and if we found someone in Flint you and I would carpool.


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