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Affordable Recording

I am writing because I wanted to let you know about my recording services. I run a recording studio in Flint. I am a student @ Berklee School of Music online. My primary recording format is ProTools and I feel I do an excellent job with what I have. I have audio samples on my myspace page, the most recent samples are of the band Aidan Adora (see first two songs on myspace) which indicates the quality of production whereas the other samples are from various mixing projects and old sessions from early on in my recording experience.

My rates are low because a) I am a student though I have been recording bands since 2001/2002, and b) I run the studio out of my home until the spring/summer when construction is completed on my professional 4 room studio.

My current rates are: $10.00 per hour for engineering (tracking), mixing, and mastering services.

I have pro level gear, instruments, amplifiers, etc..

If you are interested check out my myspace (pictures), schedule, and samples, as well as my bio. My website is under construction but also has additional information.


Tom Wyatt
-boundless recording-
AIM: boundlessstudio
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