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Does your band need affordable recording?

This may attract little interest if any but you may know someone interested in this.

I am a student at Berklee School of music and I am finishing the last class in my protools training. (However I have been doing engineering/production for 4 years and a musician for 19 years) I am willing to do recording for the following rates:

10.00 an hour (within one day) or 80.00 for a 10 hour day

400.00 for six 10 hour days which saves you 200.00!

Mixing and Mastering rates are $10.00 per hour.

I run through a Behringer (lawsuit) 24/8 channel analog console into a a digirack protools unit (8 in at the same time or 24 in via console bus and tape outs).

I also have REASON which allows me to use a MIDI Controller to play grand piano, synth, drums, fender rhodes, wurlitzer, and many many more instruments saving you time in hiring or finding someone.

I have a 1976 Wurlitzer 200A electric piano (postal service, Death cab, and more), a Fender Telecaster, Peavey Hollowbody Electric (ES335 copy), 85 fender sidekick 1x10 combo amp, Ibanez (p bass copy) bass guitar, mesa boogie dual rectifier 2x12 combo, Pearl Masters maple drums (10,12,14,22) as well as Zildjain A Customs (20" projection crash, 20" crash, 20" medium ride, 14" projection hats), wuhan 18" china, and an LP 9" Icebell (for fans of the appleseed cast). I have other goodies as well but you get the picture.

*This is a November Special continued into December. January rates may vary as I may be moving into a new studio and have to cover expenses like rent. I hear some of the lowest rates in Detroit are 20.00 an hour and no mastering and only rough mixes.

I have samples of my work that I will soon be putting on a myspace page.

Hit me up here for now or at or AIM "boundlessstudio"
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