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Recording for $ or for music gear

Recording for $ or for music gear
I have posted a few times on here. It always seem to offend some LJ people who think since there arent replies that noone has replied, but most seem to reply through e-mail so I will continute to advertise on here. I have used LJ for years on other names and I enjoy being a part of the community.

I run a home studio called Boundless Recording in Flint. I use Protools and other digital software. I am a student at Berklee School of Music and so I know what I am doing. My rate is 10.00 per hour on tracking, mixing, and mastering. I have pro level instruments, amps, etc.. I am trying to aquire more gear and so I am willing to trade recording time for gear if it is something I am interested in. Things I may be interested in are: guitar effects pedals, amplifiers, guitars, and other things.

If you are interested in recording but have limited funds hit me up @boundlessstudio (AIM) or with what you have and maybe we can work out a deal. My schedule is available on the studio's myspace linked below.

Some samples of my work are available on
* The first song ALWWOLAC is the most recent song I engineered and only has a rough mix right now, the second song was demoed a year ago with limited mics and no concern for musical mistakes as it was a school demo where that did not count, the third and forth songs are songs I have mixed for but did not engineer.
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