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Affordable Recording w/ Boundless Recording

I'm a local musician who decided to go to school for recording and pursue it as a job. I love working with independent bands helping them get a clean and good recording for demos or for full out productions. I have 20 years of experience as a drummer and 10 as a guitarist. I have been recording bands since 2001. I think I work best with bands that are in various underground music genres (or at least some used to be) because I am a fan of most of that music. You can pay big money to go into a huge studio where someone doesn't understand your music and you may sound good, or you may not. I do my best to make everything come out to your liking and I haven't had any negative feedback on the work I have done for various bands around the state.

Boundless Recording Studio is located in Flint. I am a student @ Berklee School of Music online. My primary recording format is ProTools and I feel I do an excellent job with what I have. I have audio samples on my myspace page, the most recent samples are of the band Aidan Adora & With A Kiss. I have other various samples but myspace only allows so many songs up at a time.

My rates are low because a) I am a student though I have been recording bands since 2001/2002, and b) I run the studio out of my home until the spring/summer when construction is completed on my professional 4 room studio.

My current rates are: $10.00 per hour for engineering (tracking), mixing, and mastering services.

I have pro level gear, instruments, amplifiers, etc all are open to bands to use if you want.

If you are interested check out my myspace (pictures), schedule, and samples, as well as my bio.


Tom Wyatt
-boundless recording-
AIM: boundlessstudio
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